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Such an underestimated thing. Not to sound dramatic but I feel like I’m dying. (Ok, that’s dramatic)….

I wish I was back in my London flat so I could quickly go and grab loads of nutritious things, make a smoothie and take care of myself.

But instead I’m stuck in my France apartment, 25 minute walk from the shop (which is horrible to shop in anyway) and no smoothie maker. Ughhhhhh.

I can’t face the thought of leaving my bed because I feel like my head is about to explode :(. I wish I had some soup or something. Or honey :(.

Can any of my lovely followers out there help me out here… I don’t use weights usually, I dance and do bikram yoga and usually just my own workouts at home, but I want to step it up a little and was wondering if anyone could recommend the size of weights to buy? Don’t want to get anything too light because I’m not exactly weak, but not too heavy that I struggle? So new to the weights thing! Help!

I had Nutella today too!! Oops! Let’s not worry, it won’t do us any harm, we can eat better tomorrow. Don’t get upset :)

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So Millie Mackintosh is a massive inspiration to me. Made famous by Made In Chelsea, she’s now massive on clean eating and working out and looks incredible. But I’m so sick of her getting nasty comments from people on Instagram saying she’s too skinny and throwing the word anorexia round like it’s okay to. Telling her to eat a burger or that she looks unhealthy. She’s not. She promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Anyway. I wish these people would just get on with their own health and happiness and stop thinking it’s their right to comment on other women’s bodies. Body shaming is just not okay.

As much as this annoys me, it doesn’t stop me from working hard. I’m proud of the body I have already and the body I know I want to achieve. I’m proud to have a healthy body that feels good in my clothes. I love being small and it makes me feel good to look the way I do. And I’m sure Millie is very comfortable in her own skin, I think she’s pretty amazing.

Please be proud of your bodies and look after them. And if you don’t have anything positive to say about someone else, don’t say it.